Kareem Hunt or Golden Tate?

Both have great matchups this week and I can’t decide who to start. Golden Tate has emerged as one of Daniel Jones favorite targets and they are most likely without Shep and Engram this week. On the other hand Kareem Hunt has me second guessing putting Tate in the flex. I am the Chubb owner in my league and that makes me lean a little more towards Hunt. It is a 0.5 PPR league.

Def starting Tate over Hunt. Tate has a well defined roll. Hunts opportunity is a complete questions mark. Further the Browns coaching staff has not been able to successfully integrate the players they have. I see the probability to integrate Hunt very low.

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Agreed with @fun4willis here.

I need a game played before I’m willing to toss Hunt in there. It’s been almost a year since he has played an NFL snap so it may take a him a little to get his game together. Meanwhile Tate is the #1 to Jones who has shown he can get the job done. I roll Tate. Especially if it is any sort of PPR.