Kareem Hunt OR Patriots RB Duo for OBJ?

Guy wants a top wr for one of these sets. It would also include a WR to replace obj, either John brown or Michael Crabtree, and I would give replacement rb with Marlon Mack/nahyeim Hines. it’s PPR, current roster is

Wr: OBJ, Keenan Allen, Marvin Jones
Rb: Gurley, Melvin, L Miller, Duke Johnson, Marlon Mack, Nadine Hines, A Ekeler, Ito Smith

So I get that I could use obj more. But i also have him in another league, and I’m a little nervous about his performance. I know he’s got a great target share, but Barkley is really taking a lot away from him and Eli is just terrible. I think John brown has a phenomenal schedule coming up, and rest of season incl playoffs. Might be the very best. I’m kind of thinking either hunt or the patriots duo might have a better floor than obj but idk. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this? If I got the pats duo, I could probably trade for another super elite, maybe both for zeke, or maybe Melvin for a top wr top rb combo. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks happy footballing

Also, a small other point of this trade, would be attempting to prevent another player from capitalizing on this offer. He is shopping this trade to other owners for less talented guys that are over performing (Emmanuel Sanders, ect) and I’m taking that into account to. It’s almost a , prevent them and maybe help my roster also, as Melvin is on bye week 8. Thanks again for any input

At first i liked this trade, getting hunt or 2 startable rbs for OBj, who gives you great games and bust games, feels fine to me. But seeing your WR depth i changed my mind, you only have 2 good wrs, keenan allen has a bye next week, it feels like it would hurt your team a lot to lose obj. You’re stacked at RBs, maybe if you really wanna do this trade, try pitching other trades to some guys that are underapreciated right now, like michael thomas. If you can get another stud WR to replace obj, i would do it. But if you’re gonna have to depend on John brown and flacco, i’d stay put

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I agree that would really be difficult if you got any injury at wr. Any chance you could trade Mack and Hines for a receiver if you do this deal? Your depth at running back is amazing already, you could easily trade one of them for a good wr.

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Yea that would be the plan. Get more wr depth via a trade. Kearse is still on waivers. But I do strongly think I could get some additional help at wr from a rb needy team. Honestly also, I don’t think I’d need it. I’d almost feel comfortable rocking Allen and j brown. Take a look at j browns schedule and every matchup is great ros. Thanks for the takes