Kareem Hunt over Melvin Gordon?

I seem to be the only one who prefers Hunt over Gordon.

I understand it may be a more crowded backfield and maybe a higher risk/ reward play, but are there any other reasons why taking Hunt at #8 over Gordon was a bad play?

It’s definetly close. Chargers will have a top defense and should always be in games so running game will always be in play. I’d check strength of schedule for running backs and who has better offsenive line and make the call.

KC Defense got worse, I think they’ll be playing from behind and Spencer Ware is likely to take 3rd down role along with pass catching.

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Close call. I’d rather have Gordon. I actually had both last year. That’s why they call me champ now.

As a chiefs/Packers fan I still say Gordon. But hey man, we could all be wrong. Take Hunt if you believe in him

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I’m huge on Gordon this year and would take him if I had the 5-6 pick personally. He is just so solid and catches 60ish balls plus will score double digit touchdowns and I feel like that is his floor. Hunt is fantastic as well, can catch with the best of them, but I just trust Gordon so much

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