Kareem hunt ROS?

what do you all think of kareem hunt going forward from week 10 in a full ppr league?

He is a roster clogger. He’s going to sit on your bench inactive for another 2 weeks. When he returns to the field he’s a valuable handcuff and may spell Chubb on occasion but I would leave that landmine for someone else to step on.

would you rather have him or david montegomery?

Its really close in a full-PPR since Cohen is primarily used in the passing game. That said, I think I would rather have Montgomery on my bench right now. He has more potential to be a 3-down starting back. Kareem has been off for almost a full season at this point…see Melvin Gordon. That said, Montgomery sits on my bench, at least until Matt Nagy figures out that he needs to run the ball more than 7 times.