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Kareem Hunt Trade Advice


I’ve been offered a trade I’m seriously considering. I’m going back and forth here and would love some thoughts/advice. Here are the parameters:

I would receive: Kareem Hunt and Larry Fitz
I would give up: Jordan Howard and Stefon Diggs

My current RB’s: J. Howard, I. Crowell, D. Cook, A. Kamara, R. Burkhead
My current WR’s: OBJ, T. Hill, S. Diggs, J. Maclin, K. Britt



I’d be selling Howard, but you can probably get more.


I love hunt and targeting him in my draft I thinking he can be top 15 fantasy RB this year


I love Hunt too. I’d make this trade, but think he can probably milk it for a bit more.


I like the trade.