Kareem hunt trade advice!

Should I trade away hunt for baldwin? I’m in a roto league that plays all 17 weeks. Top total points is champion. I’m currently in 2nd. Here is my current team:

QB: Brees
RB: hunt, gurley, darkwa, Collins
WR: Julio, Michael Thomas, crowder, Corey coleman

Scoring is skewed towards long play touchdowns

Come on, any thought she footclan?

for baldwin? no. hunt has had a rough couple weeks but thats on the play calling. baldwin hasnt really had a consistent year either try and get more constistency.

If it helps, I just trade Hunt and Corey Davis for Kamara. But I wouldn’t trade him for Baldwin, too many options in that Seattle pass attack.

Hunts TDs are mostly long plays, he’s got the ability to do it…just need the chiefs to get it together. I’d say no as well for just baldwin