Kareem hunt trade! Pls help!

Standard 12-team league
Got offered:
Adrian peterson, calvin ridley and sammy watkins
Im good at the wr position, need to improve mt rbs tho.
My team:
Rbs - kamara, peterson, dion lewis
Wrs - hopkins, juju, jeffrey, ridley, watkins, shepard

100% yes. this is perfect for your team. literally exactly what it needs. go for it. you’re selling as high as possible on AP and Ridley so the timing couldn’t be better.


Do it now. Great trade


auto accept.


Take that trade


Thanks fellas

The guy backed out and asked to get alshon instead of ridley… still a good trade tho, right?

Wow, really? I actually think that might be more interesting…

Ridley will not score 2-3 TD’s every week but he is on a team that has throw 40-50 times a game because the ATL Defense is awful. Ridley will be able to do well since Julio is Julio and will draw the attention of opponents…

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Yeah, i really dont know who id rather have ros between this two, alshon is wentz favorite target, but is injury prone. Ridley right now is just too good to be true in terms of points… idk, but im happy trading one of them and keeping the other. Think they will be close to each other rest of season

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