Kareem Hunt-Trade target or trade Bait?

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Kareem Hunt is so hot right now he’s like Hansel in zoolander that I just gotta pool everyone’s knowledge on the following and if I should trade for this high riser.

I’m wondering:

  1. what’s Andy Reid’s history with starting rookie RB’s and how long a leash does he give after fumbling or missing a pass-pro block assignment

  2. What is the KC O-line ranked for run blocking

  3. What are the odds of Hunt being a 3 down back

  4. If Hunt isn’t a 3 down back will his usage still garner RB2 production

  5. Does the possibility of a Smith vs Mahomes QB controversy affect Hunt in any way

Do you listen to the podcasts? I think they’re sold on Hunt being the guy and Andy Reid loves using RBs. I’m sold on him, I drafted him as my #2 RB in the 4th?

chiefs fan here, ill give you some insight as best i can.

1: he loves his RBs. even rookies. he would much prefer to have a feature back, and has already named him to be that.

2: KC is ranked somethin like 15-12 in run block. they are solid, but wont blow you away.

3: hunt will be a 3 down back. he will be spelled from time to time, but reid already put his stamp on him, and reid wont back off of that UNLESS hunt starts fumbling everywhere. which, wont happen. he only fumbled i think it was just once, over his college career. he takes care of that ball.

4: even if he is not, it will. he will still be in on passing downs, and reid does love his west coast run through the air offense. you can count on smith to check down.

5: no. it does not. because there is not, and will not be a controversy between the 2. no matter how much the media may try to hype it up, reid is set on smith this year. and he wont budge on that for anyone. the only way it becomes one, is if smith gets hurt, then mahomes comes in and is lights out. and even then reid may stick to his guns and say smith is his guy. next year, that may all be different. but this year, negative.


Thst is some awesome DEEP insight and analysis @BusterD! Might be some of the best analysis I have seen to date, Thank you!

Hey no problem. It’s what we are here for right? :slight_smile:

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@BusterD is spot on! The guys sold me on Hunt before the draft, I was the only guy in my league targeting him. The only way I would trade him would be for Lev Bell straight up, that’s what I think he’s worth.