Kareem Hunt trade****

What would you give up Kareem Hunt for?

I’d be trying to get quite a bit. The hype is huge. Something like a legitimate RB 1 and high end WR seems like a real possibility.

Someone sent me trade I would be trading Hunt, Demaryius Thomas and Pierre Garcon and I would get Antonio Brown and gurley what do you think?

Personally, I would do this, but be aware that Gurley’s schedule is about to get pretty tough for quite a while.

True thanks for the help

Hell nah. Ask for Bell and AB

Kidding, so this trade is hunt and thomas for Gurley and AB… shit idk, i PROBABLY would not do this.

Really depends on team need. Gurley to Hunt is a fairly lateral move, maybe a slight step down with these tough six weeks for Gurley coming. Gurley will still get all that volume so the floor is only slightly lower than Hunt IMO, while Hunt’s ceiling will be much higher for the next 6 weeks. The trade piece you’re really looking at there is DT and Pierre for AB. The wisdom of this move depends on depth on your roster at both WR and RB and how many at each position you start.

My wrs currently are aj green, Keenan Allen and dt with Garcon on the bench and I also have Melvin Gordon

jesus. Take the trade and pick up a WR from the waiver with the bench spot.

So this trade gives you Gordon, Gurley at RB with AB, AJ and Allen at WR instead of Gordon, Hunt at RB and AJ, Allen and DT at WR. I think the first option might be a bit stronger, especially considering there’s 13 more weeks to play…and lots more waiver wire to unfold.