Kareem Hunt Trade!

My team has been pooping their big boy pants in the QB position this year. My team is pretty stacked at RB. I’ve got Zeke, Hunt, McCoy…at receiver I’ve got Mike Evans, Fitz, Jaron Brown and Pryor. Been playing RB in the Flex… With my QBs in a 2 QB league being Eli, siemian, and Keemun, with luck on the bench, should I make this trade…full PPR
Give up Hunt
Receive Drew Brees and Dez Bryant
He offered Carson Palmer and Enron for Hunt… I didn’t like that.
Or should I stay with what I have???

find a new trade partner. Is there really no one else out there on waivers?

With it being a 2 qb league most have 3 qbs… Kareem Hunt is valuable. He covers two players in one position. So I’m going to be getting a lot for him if I Trade. But I’m thinking of sitting with my team? I’m 3-2

Do not trade Hunt.
Keep riding it out. In 2 weeks or less Luck will be back and you could also grab Teddy Bridgewater in 2 weeks.
Ride it out and play matchups for now.
Play Siemian at home games

I am in a 2 qb league also. I traded Hunt for Bell and that is the only person I would trade him for.

Yea don’t trade Hunt. That offer for Hunt is beyond insulting