Kareem Hunt vs. Denver

Opinions? Im playing Hunt over Kamara. Is it strange that I keep wanting to play Kamara instead? Denver has not allowed a rushing touchdown all season. Chicago allowed one each of the first 5 games.

It’s not weird, but you have to play hunt knowing you might be a little disappointed. But the way he’s been playing you simply have to roll him out no matter what over most top rbs.

I hear ya, normally I would just play him without question. Im playing the highest scoring team in my league, and he keeps getting lopsided trades in his favor. Ill probably stick with Hunt, higher upside. Thanks.

Not at all weird as that certainly isn’t a plus matchup for Hunt. But also keep in mind that the game script in the Saints-Bears game should favor Ingram WAY more than Kamara. Kamara can do it all but is still “more” of a pass catching back. I expect the Saints to be way up in this one and for it to be an Ingram game which I think limits Kamara’s ceiling. And while you may be mad if Kamara scores more than Hunt from your bench, you will be absolutely kicking yourself if the opposite happens or Kamara puts up 4 points to Hunt’s 14. You know Hunt is going to get the ball regardless of game script. start your studs…

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