Kareem Hunt worthy of a keeper?

My keeper league is a semi-dynasty league. You can keep up to 7 players for your first 7 draft picks. We are in a 10 team, .5ppr league.

I have Nick Chubb and Hunt, and am stuck on what to do with Kareem Hunt. In my redraft leagues, I have no interest in drafting Hunt. However, the keeper aspect has me questioning if he is worth hanging on to. He will kill a roster spot for at least 8 weeks, but on a 1-year deal, he might have value moving forward?

What are your guys’ thoughts?

I’d suggest bench space / depth has a lot to do with it. In a 10-team league, with Hunt definitely out for 8 games, I’d say “no,” don’t keep him. But if you have the space, and if you don’t have any other players worth keeping, Hunt could provide that late-season push, as well as cuffing your Chubb investment.


The bench space/depth is definitely my concern. Thanks for your thoughts!

Can you keep Hunt next year too? If so, “drafting” Hunt in the 7th as a lottery ticket for next year after his 1 year deal with Cleveland is over is interesting.

If he can sit in a IR spot for half the season id keep him

He wont’ be able to sit in the IR spot

Yes, I can keep him next year as well. That’s why he’s interesting to me. I’m not really interested in keeping him for the few games this year, but I’m intrigued by next year. The question becomes, “Is Kareem next year worth a roster spot now?”

According to Fantasy Football Calculator, Hunt is a 10th round pick.

If this were my decision, I would not keep Hunt. I think you could probably pick him in the 8-10 rounds if you must. Would hope that he falls to 11th round or lower.

Hunt, to me, is a land mine. If you don’t get him than Hunt is taking up a spot on an opponents bench. Pick a guy that will help you win in 2019! Trying to guess what happens in 2020 is a fool’s errand.

I like taking a gamble in the 7th-10th rounds, not every round but if there is a lottery ticket in that range, I nab it and hope it hits. So, I like keeping Hunt unless you choose him over a different guy I’d rather have. Who are your other keeper options?

Are you sure that he wouldn’t fall down the rounds or to a spot you could pick him up later if you let him go? As mentioned really depends on who is your alternative(s).

I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird, all of this is in a vacuum. Until we know your other keeper options and where you think you could draft Hunt, our advice could be less than valuable

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