Kareem Hunt's Current Value

I am just curious to what everyone thinks about Hunt right now. I am in a 12 man league where the free agents consist of scraps. The only players available are handcuffs and lower tier QB’s. I have Hunt sitting on my bench, I am 4-0 in the league and am in 1st. My thought/hope is if I continue towards making the playoffs, that he could add some value. I have almost dropped him several times to add TE depth or to pick up another RB handcuff like Mattison.

Thoughts? My only other RB’s are ingram, fournette, and ekeler (the reason im undefeated).

Mattison is the more valuable right now just bc of dalvin cooks injury history but in about 2 weeks or so if youre still at the top i would make the move closer to week 8 when there is more of a consensus on clevelands offense

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That is sort of what I have been thinking. I have been sitting on Gallup too. Would you drop Gallup or Hunt for a guy like Mattison?

definitely hold on to gallup when he comes back he should be very effective and honestly if you think somebody else could pick up hunt you might as well hold him because mattison is only gonna be relevant in case of a cook injury

That makes sense for sure. Unfortunately I am in a league where if a guy has potential, he will get scooped up. Gallup practiced again today. They are saying he may play Sunday but I do not trust that play. Unless a Thielan trade gets accepted that I offered a guy, I am running with Robby Anderson or Auden Tate as my WR2. Listening to the foot podcast right now and they reassured me that Tate could be a nice play this week. Dropped crowder for him. Guys in my league are staying away from Jets WR’s like they have the plague so i should be able to get him back for when darnold returns.