Kareem the bad dream

Kareem Hunt in the flex or Josh Gordon?
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Im playing against Josh Gordon this week and I am very concerned about that. Up to you, Hunt could have another explosion game against a weak defense. We have only seen one game from Gordon, but it was a good one against the best CB in the league this season.

Hunt has been getting touches, I still think the decent floor is there, just a matter of time before he scores again. But Gordon’s ceiling is sky high. What does the rest of your team look like?

It’s a real doozy

I’d go Gordon. He looked really good last week against a very good CB. This week he has GB which allows good WR to destroy them. Not saying Gordon is the best but he has huge upside with his talent and what he’s shown so far. I think the biggest takeaway from it all is the 11 targets he received in his first game back.

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Keep an eye on Ingram’s injury, he should be fine. But he plays on thursday as you know. Im missing Gronk too. Looking at your squad, I would feel just fine rolling out Gordon. Fournette has been up and down, no Gronk, Stafford up and down. The upside of Gordon looks like a solid addition to your lineup. Good luck.

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Is it a must win? I’d be feeling Gordon right now. Hunt is trending so hard on the downward