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Kareem the dream?


I got Hunt and was offered


literally depends on the rest of your roster. For example, I have Hunt, Gurley, and Gordon so i’m not moving any of the 3 since it’s the core of my team. But if you’re like Hunt and some garbage RB then the trade makes sense.


I have mixon Collins … Collins seems to have secured his spot but mixon… idk


Absolutely not


Dont do it. You dont want the headache of deciding wether to sit or start ajayi every week trust me


No ajayi is on a terrible team and hasnt looked the same this year


Ajayi is trash, plus you’ll have to give up another player on your roster to make the counts work being on the 2 end of a 2 for 1.


If you can get McCoy and a stud WR, QB, TE I’d counter offer. But this trade, absolutely not


McCoy and Brady ?
Gore and Kareem?