Kareem v. Kamara

Why is Kareem getting drafted so much later than Kamara when they both have the same concerns regarding possible regression based on their high efficiency last year? It seems like they both have the same risks but hunt is going in the second and kamara is going early first most times.

I think most of it is because of the highs and lows Kareem had last year. Add onto that there is concern over additional backfield competition (Ware is back, both Williams were added) and the change at QB, there is a lot more uncertainty in KC than NO.

I think Kamara is a significantly more talented player, and if anything his volume will increase. I think Ware cuts into Hunt’s work load a good bit.

I see what you are saying. Kamara also has the suspension of Ingram at the beginning of the year, which launched the Hype train into hyper speed. For me, the coaching in KC concerns me with Hunt. I don’t understand his usage, some games great, others pretty rough. Kamara seemed to be much more consistent with his usage.

You are correct though, both are great candidates for regression.

Get to know Alvin - He was only the 2nd rookie ever to accomplish something that only Gale Seyers has done. Mark Ingram suspension is congruent to nearly 25% of the fantasy regular season.
Get to know Hunt - New Off coordinator, new Quarterback, Spencer Ware is back