Karma worries

In a 12 team, .5 ppr 3 keeper league. I have no real keepers in the first 4 rounds.
Buddy just offered me D.adams in the 3rd + 9th round for my 4th round. Would you do it. Top tier is pretty thing, also I fear karma gods will get me because he thinks Adams is a 2nd round keep… would you tell him or just take the trade?

I’m not following. What’s the round cost of keeping Kamara?

Edit: disregard, I misread. Karma, not Kamara. Lol.

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There is no Karma in fantasy. I am a firm believer of this after watching a guy win our league 4 years in a row while trashing a guy who was fighting cancer and on chemo at the draft. Tell the guy to change that 9th round to an eighth and be done.

I’d do the offered trade all day long.:sunglasses: