Kearse or Collins, flex full ppr

who you like here, kearse vs vikings with enunwa down and they just released pryor from the team as well


collnis vs saints, this one could get to shootout potential, not sure how much that will diminish collins play-ability

bumping this post since we are all locked in on that early game lol

Kearse for pure volume and they will be playing from behind. Enunwa out and Robby Andersen banged up. This especially is true with ppr formats. I also just do not trust Collins as a consistent runner although i do recognize he has potential for a td

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im with you on all that, collins seems to be heavy reliant on the goal line work, should be target heaven for kearse.

would you do kearse over coutee just as easily? only other option i would have over kearse.

Iā€™m starting Kearse this week and am excited about it

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I still favor kearse over koutee

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Nice, im glad im not thinking off the deep end. Appreciate the feedback ballers