Keeeepppeerrr help

I am having hard time deciding on my keepers. I am in a 12 team half ppr keeper league roster format listed below and the league does a $200 auction draft.


Keeper options:
Todd Gurley @ $54
Kareem Hunt @ $46
Michael Thomas @ $46
Mike Evans @ $44

Which two would you keep?

Gurley and Thomas.

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yeesh. i dont want to spend half my budget on 2 at all. if you have to keep 2, hunt and gurley. at least then you lock up a running duo to carry you. if i dont have to keep 2, im just keeping gurley and looking for deals to complete my team. especially since its 2 flex spots. that is just one more player you NEED just to make a starting lineup. every dollar counts at that point. hell maybe i even go with hunt to save 8 bucks, but its not enough of a difference for me to really go for that.

You know i actually thought the same thing! I dont have to but I can keep up to two. Also I really dislike keeping both Hunt and Gurley when they both have the same bye week.

I’d go gurley and Thomas. Worth the 100$ all day imo especially in a 12 teamer where studs will be spread thin.

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Gurley and Thomas. It is a lot of money but keep those two and bargain hunt your roster. If you get lucky with one or two other players, your team will dominate.

Definitely keep gurley he will go for way over 50 this year

I would keep both RBs

Do you have to keep 2? If you don’t, does that money carry over on the amount you saved? If you do, than we would be 100% w/ Todd G, and leaning Thomas’ way this season, as he’s in for a big one.