Keelan Allen for Gibson and picks?

Could use some help!

10 team, 0.5 ppr, 2 keeper league (currently 6th; 3-4)

My team:

QB: Brady, Lamar

RB: Jacobs, Taylor, Gordon, Henderson, Gibson, Moss

WR: Adams, Higgins, Claypool, Crowder, Parker

TE: Waller

Was offered Keenan Allen and an 8th for Gibson and a 5th, would you do that?

Snatch up Allen for sure. He’s only 28 and Herbert ain’t getting any worse. You have plenty of young RB anchors with Jacobs and Taylor. I’m not proficient at Keeper league strategy but if you’re trying to win this year or next I’d take a proven star over a wild card on the Wash FT.

I wouldn’t personally because of the pick swap but I would agree with moving an RB for a WR to add depth