Keelan Cole (Drop or Stash?)

Should I drop him to pick up Enunwa, B. Marhsall, Ginn or Allison?


I’m in same situation… looking hard at dropping Cole for Marshall (Enunwa,Ginn, & Allison already gone in my league).

I think he’s the number one in JAX, but I’d feel more better starting Enunwa or maybe Ginn…Didn’t see Marshall play and don’t really want to pick up a third option in Allison…trying to talk my way through it

I agree he’s #1 in JAX, what scares me is his QB. Bortles is just bad. Enunwa I think will get a ton of targets between the 20’s and have several Redzone targets, I would definitely take him over the rest.

Marshall will be a big Redzone target as well, Ginn & Allison are 3rd on their teams pecking orders…

This is a tough one, someone else lend your thoughts and help us out!

I’ve got cole as well and its a hard decision for me too. he’s the only one that im willing to drop out of my whole bench. I’ll drop him depending on who is left after waiver claims tomorrow morning

I’m sticking with Cole. He produced for a good stretch last year and now is the #1. Jets have a rookie QB and Marshall is just old. I like the Jag situation better.