Keelan Cole or Mike Williams?

Keelan Cole or Mike Williams for the a Stach in my bench?
My WRs are
Doug Baldwin
Amari cooper
Nelson Agholor
Robby Anderson
Tyler locket
Mike Williams

Keelan Cole is in the waiver wire

I would go with Cole. He’s being pushed int starting position. He will beat out dede for wr1. Also, at the end of last year he was beginning to be Blake’s main guy.

I love Cole this year. Got him late in my draft.

I would say Cole as well.

I agree. Go with Cole.

Guess I’ll be the voice of reason here. I love Cole, own him in a lot of leagues, but no way I’m taking him over Williams.

Williams has a better QB, should be the top red zone target, and has less competition.

Cole flashed for a few games, may be the lead guy, may not, but end of the day, is part of a Blake Bortles offense.

Give me Williams all day.

Love Cole but which team will throw more with the better Qb?
Williams is a huge freak and can’t be targeted by opposing top corners because of Allen but there’s enough passes to go around ( look at every year with the Chargers ).

I’m very high on Williams , Cole will be ok , he ,DeDe,Moncrief,Chark will battle it out for 15-20 real passes a game on a low scoring grind the clock out run first ,rely on defense team .

Mike Williams could have a monstrous year - he has a huge ceiling.

Maybe try to get a 2-1 trade… trade two of your WR to a team with low WR depth, and shore up your RB/TE, and then snag Cole off waivers

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I have an addition to this. I have both Mike Williams and DJ Moore in a 10 team standard. Should I consider dropping Moore instead of Williams for Cole?

I’d rather have Williams in a Standard for sure. I don’t think Moore will be rostering right now, at least for the early part of the season. In a standard, Williams is going to get the TD upside cause he’s really the only viable target. Moore will be competing with CMac, olsen and Cam.

I love Cole. I liked him with SEA. I liked him with JAX. But to me I take Williams every time here. Better QB and they need some redzone help. I do not think either will be bad choices, but I see a higher ceiling with Williams, and I say this with Cole on my squad :slight_smile:

If you had a lesser player to drop, I could see it. To my eyes you are at best choosing ‘like’ potentials, except one is a player with a superior QB. Keep the one with a better QB.

I’ve already got Keenan on my 10 team standard along with Doug Baldwin, Josh Gordon, Cobb and Agholor. Would you drop anyone for Williams here even though I currently have Keenan? He was my keeper this year in the 5th round so the value was great, but I love Williams this year too. What do you think?

Oh didn’t realize you had Keenan. I typically don’t like stacking guys on the same offense cause I am never really going to start them both. But you could try and trade him to someone else who is high on him after he has a big game.