Keelan Cole vs John brown?

Who do you think will be better? I’m wondering if I should drop brown for Cole after the marquise Lee injury

I think I’d probably stick with Brown… Cole still has Dede Westbrook and Donte Moncrief to compete with for touches, and thats still a run first team with an elite defense. Brown has been one of Flacco’s favorite targets this off season and should have fewer obstacles to targets… Of course his health is always a concern but he’s only a few years removed from being one of the leagues brightest receiving prospects

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I’m actually wondering how John Brown works out in Baltimore. I guess the big question about Brown is his sickle cell trait issue that’s plagued him the last 2 years and even part of the 2015 season, which was his most productive year. That kind of health issue is out of his control, so one has to wonder if it will flare back up on him. Cole was interesting last year, especially the last few weeks. Qb play is worrisome for both, and with that said I view them as equal with Cole possibly having the higher ceiling, but not by much. While Cole was the #3 wideout last year it may not translate to him becoming the #2 now that Lee is out.

If it were me, I’d go Brown.


Cole is kind of a good example of recency bias at work. As a likely league winner last year (he won me one championship and knocked me out of the semis in another league) I see everyone elevating him to this outrageous cult status. The truth is that he was an undrafted player who was very productive for small sample size and needs to be viewed with a bit of realistic expectatiobs. Both Moncrief and Westbrook were better prospects who have had their moments already thos off season who will impact Cole and hos target share. I like carrying Cole at the bottom of a roster but I think I like Brown a little more for the reasons previously mentioned.


Funny seeing this post, I drafted both yesterday in draft and now have to drop one for a kicker. I guess I lean towards Brown as well, a lot of targets to compete with in JAX, plus Flacco has shown that Brown is his go to guy thus far…

I did a draft last night (14 team). Got John Brown at last pick of the 10th/first pick of 11th. Was hoping Cole would fall back to me at the back of the 12th but he went in the beginning of the 12th. Thankfully Dede still there. Wanted to be apart of that Jags WR1 race