Keelan Cole - What round for leagues that haven't drafted?

So i know Cole’s going to be the starter and ADP won’t have him rise too insane, but what round should he be pushed up to. I got him for free in one league but i have a 10 man coming up and I feel like it’s like 8th round is worth the reach, but maybe i’m way off base.

Not sure on a 10 man but for what it’s worth we had our 12 team draft on Monday night and i’m looking at him on waivers right now, along with Dede and Moncrief. Seems a hands off approach at least for a week or so. I would take a flier at the end but he might well find his way to the wire anyway

No way Cole should be going undrafted in a 12 team league, probably not even a 10 team league. If you’re looking at him on waivers I’d go get him asap. To answer @arshagarbon question, I think anywhere in the double digit rounds in good value. 8th is a bit of a reach but if you want him it may be worth it.

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A quick ADP check over at FantasyPros shows that he’s being taken around pick 150ish, 12th round ADP in a 12 team league.

This is probably about right. I had a 10 man draft on Monday night and he was drafted in the last round, but this was also the same day Lee was noted as going on IR so only a few had him on the radar in a 10 team standard scoring league. He was about a 12th or 13th round pick the next night in a 12 team standard.

I agree with @JPlum_3 that double digit rounds is probably a good place to start eyeing him up.

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Yeah i agree in fairness i didn’t actually notice him there and assumed he’d been picked up and i missed it.

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About a week ago he went 12th in a 14 team standard league im in. 2 days ago he went again in the 12th round, this time a 10 team/half PPR/2Qb league (probably the equivalent of 2 or 3 rounds earlier then the start of the week)

Yeah and my 10 man he was free which was amazing but with a new 10 man coming up i feel like his value’s risen so i’d want to target without drastically over-paying. This just reminds me of hunt where he went from being a 5th/6th rounder in one draft to where i nabbed him in the 3rd in the next because value shot up.