Keenan a bust?

I want to trade for Hopkins and my buddy asked for Keenan allen and Mark Ingram in return.
I have Antonio Brown, Tyreek and Allen Robinson as WRs
Lamar Miller, Phillip Lindsey, Aaron Jones, Kerryon and penny as RBs
Should I go for it?

Is it PPR? If not, defs side with keeping Allen and Mark Ingram.

It’s standard scoring.
I could have done Lamar and Keenan but then deandre had that game

I would definitely pass.

Lamar Miller makes me nervous. I wouldn’t give up Ingram. Also, your WR’s look more than fine. You can wait for Keenan to turn it around.

Yeah I guess I was just worried about Keenan and how much Ingram can be involved.