Keenan, AB or Marvin

Keenan is going against cle. 6th against wrs. Marvin is going against Tenn. 31st against wrs. AB might gets extra targets with gronk out… Who you rolling out at WR2?

Keenan is a must start. Keenan is the WR1 on a prolific offense so I’m not too worried about clevelands defense right now.

If you’re deciding between AB and Marvin I would give a slight edge to Marvin and the matchup but it’s a coin flip.

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Keenan for sure. Marvin and AB is a toss up. Whoever has the better matchup would be where I’d go

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Naw Diggs is my WR1 Keenan is WR2. Thanks for the feedback!

Diggs is my WR1 Keenan WR2. Thanks for the feedback