Keenan Allen & Brandin Cooks for OBJ

Half PPR, PPFD (Point Per First Down)

My Line-Up:

QB: Cam
RB: Zeke, Marshawn
WR: Antonio, Odell, Corey Davis
Flex: Randall Cobb, Duke Johnson

Would you guys do it?

Probably pass for me.

Could you elaborate why?

value wise, it’s definitely there. Couldn’t fault you for taking the trade. personally not that high on Cooks and am very high on Odell. In a 1st down scoring, Keenan gets a bump but I think Odell gets a bump too.

Odell is just in a different tier for me and I think you already have the 2 best WR in the NFL, not need to downgrade there. If you were to trade odell for anything, you would probably be looking for RB in return in the trade rather than WR depth.


So you give up OBJ and get Keenan with cooks? I’m doing it. You downgrade from OBJ to Keenan, but cooks should end up at least as a high end RB2. So you upgrade your flex spot pretty heavily as I would prefer to start cooks over Cobb by a large margin. And the downgrade from OBJ to Keenan shouldnt be monstrous, it will come down to the TD gap.

I agree. I like OBJ but Eli is junk and I think Barkley will shift a lot of the focus to the ground game. I’m not sold on Cooks though…maybe target a mid tier TE or a solid RB2 (Crowel or similar)

I’m with @MikeMeUpp . Try and get an upgrade at RB.

I’d definitely want the Odell side. Him and Brown together are ridiculous.