Keenan Allen Dynasty Trade

So before we start our dynasty rookie draft, ive been in conversation to trade Keenan Allen and my 3.09 for Dante Pettis and 1.02(either Josh Jacobs or Miles Sanders.) I need help at RB and have good depth at WR. I am new to dynasty so I dont know if it’s a fair trade or not. Help?

It’s probably fair value.
Depending on how those players work out, you could end up winning big (just don’t look back when Keenan goes into those stretches of 10/150/2)

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I think that trade works if you land Jacobs. Not if you land Sanders but I’m not as high on Sanders as most, primarily due to landing spot.


I like Sanders, I dont love him but I have a good feeling Josh Jacobs will fall to 1.02 by looking at the roster with the 1.01 pick

I’d personally take Montgomery over Sanders (Jacobs, Montgomery, Sanders would be my order)

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Hhmmmm :open_mouth::open_mouth::thinking::thinking:

Furthermore, I would probably take Harry over Sanders. But that’s just my take, which by no means is the best one hehehehe. I’m just not fond of Doug Pederson’s backfield by mega committee approach, and won’t commit to his RBs till I see that trend change.

I’m a big fan of Harry but I really need RB depth. I have Bell, R. Freeman, L. Murray, and Mike David as my top 4. I dont feel good about it

I agree with Nico. I have Montgomery over Sanders based on landing spot. And I easily have Harry over Sanders as well. That early in the draft, I’m typically taking BPA regardless of need. And if you want to take sanders, trade down and get more capital.


Thank you for the advice. I am new to dynasty so I’m still learning :call_me_hand:

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Personally, I think you’d be giving up too much. Allen is one of the best route runners in the league. However, if you’re desperate for an rb you probably do need to move into the top 4 picks, so if that’s the best you can find it’s not terrible.

You are getting a steal. Pettis will eclipse Allen by 2020 and the 1.02 should be a solid starter.

Just some advice. Not every one will do this but I traded Allen straight up (during the vet draft, round 5) for what ended up being 2 1sts, 1 2nd, 1 3rd, Evan Engram, Curtis Samuel and a 14th and 15th round pick in the draft.
If you shop Allen, you can find great deals. Personally, I would try to cash in on his current value while you can and sell higher