Keenan Allen for Austin Hooper

I was just offered Keenan Allen and Sammy Watkins for Austin Hooper. Would you take it?
I have Gerald Everett on my bench…

Hooper has been the TE 1 through 7 weeks and should absorb extra targets with Sanu in NE. But Keenan Allen is a buy low right now after a couple bad weeks. That’s a tough one. I’d say do it. Keenan Allen leads the NFL in targets and air yards. That will translate to points sooner than later and Everett is still a top 10 TE on the year so far.

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Thanks for the reply! I agree. It is a hard one. Hooper is the TE1 this year. Leading the pack by a whopping 18 points. Allen should pick up soon, but the Chargers offensive ability looks dismal. The bright spot being Allens targets and air yards.

Thing is this isn’t the norm for Hooper. Maybe hes a late bloomer? His first few seasons weren’t even remotely close to this. Keenan Allen is consistent. Hooper was drafted in Most leagues as a Backup tight end. You’re getting a top ten WR. The offense is adjusting to a more balanced attack with Gordon getting back up to speed. Itll pick up.

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That’s a good point

I think I’m gonna go for it.

Where do you find you targets and air yards information?

So currently hes 4th in targets and 1st in air yards. Was number one in both last week.

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Thanks so much :pray:

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