Keenan Allen for Crowell and Agholor

So this trade just went down in my league. It seems super lopsided in favor of Keenan…dude worked over the other owner…good for him…does anyone think Agholor is going to ball out this year with the impending return of Alshon?

This was a pretty nice deal for the Allen recipient. I would not have done this unless absolutely RB-desperation mode.

Actually not even then. Keenan Allen is good enough for a Hunt RB consideration.

I agree…I traded Keenan in a different league… I packaged him with Hunt to get McCaffery, Ingram, Goodwin, and Corey Davis…

Nice work. You win that one.

even if i wasnt a charger fan i would never trade away allen unless he was injury prone.

The recipient of Allen should be feeling good right now.