Keenan Allen for Watkins and Dalvin Cook

I was proposed a trade by a league mate. I give away Keenan Allen and I receive Watkins and Dalvin Cook. Some context, I have gurley as my RB but I don’t have another top RB. Cook could give me insurance down the stretch. Also, I have John brown and Marvin Jones jr as my WRs. I personally think Watkins is an upgrade from Allen. With Hill down, Watkins gets a bump. But, Allen’s already had his bye week and his schedule is juicy…advice please!

Truthfully, you are probably better picking up Gurleys replacement and having that as insurance. Ill pick Keenan over Watkins, especially since his bye has already passed.

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Keenan Allen will go on a rampage soon. Just lkike he did last year.