Keenan Allen is a Monster

It’s that time of the year. Hope you all had a piece of Allen in at least one of your rosters. The game was nuts but watching Allen and Brown go catch for catch was pretty nice.

i have them both muahhaah

I got offered Keenan for Trey Burton after Burton’s big game, turned it down. Allen was doing nothing at the time and I already had M. Gordon. Ended up trading Burton/J. Howard for TY Hilton later on. Keenan Allen looks like he’s going to finish the season on fire though, he might have been the better option. Still a few games left, but he looked elite tonight.

He’s in an awesome position with Gordon out. He seems to be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

Said it before and will say it again, Allen will win people leagues for those who had the guts to pull the trigger when he was down. Dude is an elite talent and imo, best route runner in the league. No one gets more separation than Allen. I think part of it has to do with him playing basketball. His routes are like cross overs. In that first catch, he literally broke Dupree’s ankles. Suggest you all go back and watch the all 22 film in this game. With Gordon hurt, even if he comes back, I expect them to lean on Allen for more and more work.

I traded for him in 3 of my leagues where I was lucky enough to get him where I am making a playoff push. Feel good about him being one of my highest scoring guys going forward.

Ha. I way overpaid for Allen at the time, gave up ty hilton and Marvin jones and Howard for Breida and him. Now looking back on it I love the trade the dude is a beast. I remember from last year he started slow & caught fire

Depends on when this is but I don’t view that as an overpay for most parts of this season tbh. Unless it was like pre-season / pre-mckinnon going down.