Keenan Allen & James Conner Trade

I am a barkley owner and was not able to get gallman off of waivers

I am being offered Conner and Tyrell Williams for my Keenan Allen.

i’m 2-1 but I am thin at RBs, its a full point PPR, 10 team, with 2rbs and 3Wrs

my team:
QB: Lamar Jackson, Matt Ryan
RBS: Carson, Barkley, Murray,
WRs: allen, Edelman, Sanders, Landry, Deebo, DJax, AJ Green
TE: Waller

bump up plz

any help guys?

Not worth it. Conner was only solid for a year and that was before steelers lost a bunch of talent.

I wouldn’t… Conner isn’t buy low right now… he’s buy as-is… and as-is you’re wasting the #1 WR in football for the #36 RB… theoretically he’s not even startable

You can do better if you’re panicking for a RB… a LOT better

He just offered me gallman and tyrell williams for edelman and waller. I’m still leaning no on that. I picked up tevin coleman off of waivers hoping he will be back soon and hoping Ajayi will get a team lol maybe i can scope him up if he will be a starting rb on a team.

What do you guys think? i’m currently 3-1 (gonna win this week thanks to my other guy forgetting to take out scary terry)

Carson and Coleman will be fine going forward, I’d stay the course your team is solid.

Actually you should try to package Ryan and Sanders/Landry for a RB, AJ coming back will be a great WR3