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Keenan Allen or CJ Anderson?


So I’m playing Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill this week in fantasy and per their big weeks, I have quite a hole to climb out of. Do I go boom bust with Keenan Allen against a fierce pass defense or play it safer with CJ Anderson and hope the rest of my team goes off?


Maybe take a gamble on Anderson? It’s just that Rivers has been bad against DEN Def over the past 3 seasons. They have a great secondary so not sure how well he will fare against them. Though I don’t see big upside to CJ in general but historically the chances that Rivers does well isn’t too great. Also, DEN doesn’t have the best QB so maybe they’ll focus on the run more. If they’re playing from ahead, CJ may also get more touches and time.


I’ll be flexing Anderson this week. I think he’ll do well this season, but he won’t be anything super exciting. Denver paid him and upgraded their o-line, so he’ll get his looks. But Keenan is Keenan regardless of matchup… Is there a way you can get both in?


I started Montgomery and murray as my backs and nelson jeffrey and benjamin as my wide outs so i felt pretty good about my backs and wanted to get a week out of allen before i started him but I’m hoping for a big night out of him now