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Keenan Allen or Dez Bryant Rest of Season 1/2 Pt PPR


Just wondering what everyone’s general thoughts are on this


I have Keenan Allen in one of my leagues and he has done very well for my team…

I would stay keep with Allen…

help with mine please,


Well, Tennessee has given up the second most fantasy points to receivers this season (44.5 per game PPR scoring) so I would say that’s your best bet there. I like Amendola, just too many mouths to feed in New England to try to figure out who’s week it will be to have a big game. Johnson would be my second pick if you didn’t wanna go with Parker. He has the Jets, so there’s not too much I probably need to say about that lol.


Agreed! Id take advantage of the opportunity and I think Miami has a bounce back game so that should mean more of the cutler/Parker connection