Keenan Allen out Sunday?

Anybody have any inside information on Keenan Allens shoulder injury? He didn’t practice today and is questionable for Sunday’s game-May just have to go with Garçon in place of him-THOUGHTS??

Go with Garçon to be safe as Allens up against Denver with a hurt shoulder?

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Thoughts on this anyone???

I have both players on my squad and am lucky enough to be able to sit them both… but if I had to choose, I do lean Garcon over Keenan. This will most likely be the only week I say that…


Ok thanks-also do ya know if Melvin Gordon’s gonna be at full strength as I have shady - him- Kamara Mixon and Mccaffrey to figure out what to do with my RB1 and flex spot-

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My opponent has Ajayi CJA and Fornette-I need to win this one-thanks