Keenan Allen.. paying too much?

I was offered ty Hilton, Doug Baldwin & Nick Chubb for Keenan Allen & Carlos hyde. Am I loosing or winning in this trade? My WRs are : devante Adams, Marvin Jones, taylor Gabriel, dj Moore.

RBs: gurley kamara Howard James White

I think I would take this trade.

I would take the trade. Hilton and Allen are close, but Chubb is far superior to Hyde. Baldwin might be waiver wire material, but a decent short-term stash.

Take that trade now, before he comes to his senses. Lol

I should say I’m getting Keenan Allen

If you say, “I was offered X for Y,” it means that you have Y and someone is giving you X for it. You said you were offered those 3 players for those 2 players. I’m really confused that you are saying you are getting Allen. If true, that is a bad trade.

If you get Keenan Allen dont do the trade. You dont want Hyde. Plus you give way too much

Do the trade, I am not a fan of Hilton and Keenan Allen is the best player involved here. I like Chubb, But I am definitely not playing him over Gurley, Kamara or White(even when Michel returns).

That trade essentially equates to Chubb, Hilton and Baldwin for Allen. There’s a chance fournette can’t get going this year and then Hyde has value but I can’t imagine Fournette being out much longer. Chubb is the starting RB in Cle. with nothing in front of him, too much value there. You could argue that when fully healthy, that Baldwin and Hilton are both comparable to Allen (who’s having a down year). I wouldn’t do it if I was the team receiving Allen.