Keenan Allen regret

I have some regret over this trade I made.

I got
Keenan Allen
Bilal Powell

Gave up
Marvin Jones Jr
Jordan Howard

I plan to pick up Aaron Jones off waivers.

My reasoning is that I have Dalvin Cook, Gio, Kerryon, Devonta Freeman, Royce Freeman for RB and Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon for WR.

Did I mess up my depth or is getting Keenan Allen a good thing over the unpredictability of Howard and Jones Jr?

I would have kept Howard/Diggs?Jones…
Hopefully K. Allen gets it going for you though to make it worth it…

You overpaid via a lot. It’s not that Keenan is bad, but you gave up two guys who have WR2 floor and a WR1 ceiling + Jordan Howard who is still pretty good even after a bad game. Truthfully you will only know how this trade plays out after the season but at the moment I believe the other person got the better deal

Your team will definitely survive, and it’s possible for sure that it will be better off after having done that. There are many possible outcomes here. Don’t get down about it. I prob wouldn’t have taken it, but I’m debating a trade where I get K Allen as we speak, too. I’m worried about regretting taking him, and I’m also worried about regretting not taking him when I had the opportunity to…he’ll break out inevitably for a huge game sometime. Just a matter of how quickly that game comes.

May I ask why you liked Keenan so much to pull the trigger on t his? Wondering if you have reasons that I don’t already have.

My thought process is that Jordan Howard and Marvin Jones are bench players for me. I have a lot riding on Cook and Freeman being my RB1s after they recover from their injuries and Brown and Allen being my WR1s.

Allen for me is the second best WR in the league after Brown, both are off to a slow start but are bonafide studs. Allen has Rivers who is playing his best football in years.

Marvin Jones for me has slipped down to the 3rd target Stafford, Jordan Howard is boring who will lose work now to Tarik Cohen. Diggs is a loss but Allen is an upgrade.

Ultimately I hate change but I am 1-3 and needed to change something up