Keenan Allen Target

I put in an offer for Keenan Allen. I feel like he will have a good second half of the season and want to try and grab him. He is also on a 1-4 team and they need to win so i feel like they would ship him out.

I offered: Kerryon and D. Thomas for Keenan Allen

My question is should i offer more for him or is Keenan allen Value not that high?

My Players:
RB: Gordan, Michel, Yeldon, Hyde, Kerryon
WR: Evans, Kupp, Baldwin, D. Thomas, Ridley, Callaway, Coutee

If you can get him for Kerryon and DThomas, I would definitely do that trade. He’s worth more than that.

That’s what i figured. I went in small just to try it out, but thinking i should go try to go in with a stronger offer just not sure how much value he currently is worth.

I traded Kittle and Yeldon for him and got lucky because that owner needed TE help and RB help.
If you can get him for what you offer then congrats! As @MikeMeUpp would say, robbery!