Keenan Allen trade offer I'm considering

Edit: Screenshot of my team below. FYI - I am victim of a missed draft / Autopick, 12 team full PPR and 6 playoff spots. I am aware of the fact that my team is atrocious right now, but with some luck / TE-hoarding success / 1 sleeper breakout season, I think I could come back from what will likely be a 0-3 start.

Considering a trade offer. What do you think? I am in desperate need of RB’s and WR’s (aside from Michael Thomas) in a full PPR league. So I’d end up with Allen and Thomas.

His Keenan Allen and Derrick Henry
My Zach Ertz and Devonta Freeman

I have Engram and Graham, so TE slot is fine. It’s 2 Flex (WR/RB/TE) though, so I start all 3 of them.

Is this worth accepting as it is, or should I try to offer him Engram + Freeman. Or make his offer Allen + Hyde? I struggle with giving up Freeman or Ertz, but either way, I do end up with the best player involved in the trade (Allen), which I know everyone says is the best way to approach it.

Is there no one in the waiver wire you can add instead of Andrews and butt?

I woudlnt do this trade. Your scrapping at desperation and don’t think this is a good deal for u. Ertz can make a big difference to lots of teams in your league and many could be willing to give you a low end wr1 straight up for him.

If you’re desperate to give Freeman away for not all that much then the Hyde deal would be fairly even (Although still think youncan get more)

I just proposed Freeman + Engram for Hyde + Allen. What do you think of that?

And no, there’s nothing at all to be gained from waivers. That’s why I decided to hoard TE’s and just hope Week 3 creates urgency in my league for TE’s who at least get looks. The best RB to be picked up, for a point of reference, legitimately is L Blount, lol. There’s just nothing out there at all and I wouldn’t expect that to change since my league is already at that point right now.

Here is our Waivers/FA situation…(excludes QB’s and K/Def - none of which provide any valuable add’s either). As you can see, the situation is laughable.

Wow ok ye not the greatest. Amendola may be a reasonable pick up over one of the te. Could even start over t. Austin this week?

I like that deal far better. Still think you’re losing Freeman at his lowest value but if he accepts you should be ok

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Thanks. Yeah, I’ll figure something out for this week. I don’t really care at this point. I’m more just preparing to make a run after losing this week again…

I am torn on Devonta Freeman. I have a feeling the Falcons are going to continue limiting him all season even if he’s healthy enough to play as long as Tevin keeps playing so well. And Tevin being in a contract year makes me think the Falcons will just beat him up as much as they can before they lose him. They can’t really afford to have both Freeman and Coleman at the price Coleman would likely require, unless it’s a heavily backloaded contract. But yeah, they’re paying Freeman $41 over 5 years already. Plus they just drafted Ito Smith. I don’t see them keeping Coleman. So why not run Coleman into the ground first while Freeman takes a season off?

I also wonder whether the Falcons are considering trading Freeman, which would be another reason to keep him fresh and off the field until that happens. Idk. There’s so much damn uncertainty with this guy! I can’t stand how Quinn literally says absolutely nothing aside from that he’s week to week. This all sounds like they’re keeping a secret – the secret being an ensuing trade.

I can see him in various NFC places, but I’d hope the Falcons wouldn’t be dumb enough to keep him in-conference.

I can see him going to various AFC teams. I’d say Indy, Miami, NYJ, Baltimore have the greatest need. Not sure what would be needed in return from those specific teams. Perhaps someone on defense considering the major injuries ATL currently has (Keanu Neal and Deion Jones).