Keenan Allen Trade

12 Team PPR. Long story short I want Keenan Allen…

My Roster:
M. Gordon
C. McCaffrey
T. Hill
T. Burton
A. Collins

J. Williams
J. Conner
J. Wilkins
E. Sanders
J. Edelman
K. Cole
N. Agholor

Obviously the main issue is that id have a full chargers stack with Rivers, Gordon, Allen… but that aside I think i could get him for Collins and Sanders… the owner drafted McKinnon and was already loght on RB… thoughts on this offer? Would you make this offer considering the chargers stack?

Having a chargers stack could be a boom or bust situation, but i think the collins sanders trade could work. You could also try Conner, Hill, Sanders, since there is huge buzz around conner right now. I feel like Collins will have a big year thats why i wouldnt want to give him up. I think the trade will work, but having a large stack of players can be scary.


i think thats a fair trade. nice team btw

I’d make that proposal. I’m not too concerned about the stack - would’ve worked fine last year. I think having another big WR balances your roster nicely, esp in a 12 team.

I agree that exchanging Conner for Collins might be even better for you. Less risk on your end. In fact, I might lead with Conner/Manny, then move to Collins/Manny if you need to “sweeten” the deal.

Send it. I would trade you Allen for Collins and Sanders in a heartbeat. Collins is a solid RB2 and Sanders has some good value in PPR. From an opponent point a view, I would feel good about you stacking players from one team.