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Keenan Allen vs Sammy Watkins


Hello Footclan,

I’m in a 12 team Standard keeper league with no keeper restrictions. I am keeping Zeke and Jordan Howard, but am having the hardest time trying to figure out who to keep between the two.

Sammy Watkins or Keenan Allen?

Please help!


Do you have any other options? I really don’t like either one of those due to injury history.


Robert Kelley, Paul Perkins, Sterling Shepard, Ty Montgomery, Kevin White, Martavis Bryant.


Tough call, but I guess I’d personally lean Keenan Allen here. Sammy Watkins’ injury history is more extensive than Allen’s and I feel there’s a higher chance of reinjury with Watkins. Allen’s recovery is supposedly going really well . There was some talk about Mike Williams stealing his touchdowns, but now he’s dealing with his own injury.


Your other two keepers are long term investments- obv one more solid on the other. So if I am comparing all of your options you need something as reliable as can be. I don’t trust my Bryant not to get suspended again as much as I like him. I trust Keenan’s offense more than the bills even though I’m A bills fan. With the recent news of The Rookie having a herniated disc I think Allan is the better choice. Sammy is an essentially a contract year but looks to be on a run first offense. F


Of these, I’d probably rank them:

Montgomery, Sterling, Bryant, White, Perkins, Kelley

I don’t see a clear path for Perkins just yet, Kelley is most likely to be passed by a rookie IMO.

I guess of those I’d probably still lean Allen at the front of that list, but I’d probably also see if I could shop him for someone else. You might have an owner that’s super high on Allen that would give up something valuable. I just have a hard time putting a lot of faith in someone who hasn’t played a complete season in two years due to injuries, regardless of the re-injury risk.


I would probably go with watkins mainly bc I think he has higher upside IF he stays healthy. Good Luck!


The upside should not be higher with Allen? I mean Chargers is a happy passing offense and with that coach crew should be even better news for Rivers and company. In the other side the relation injury-upside with watkins does not look that clear with Tyrod behind center and an Offense that will be kind of patched I think


Yes, Chargers are pass happy, but Allen has been off the field for the majority of the last two seasons so Rivers may have found better chemistry with someone else in that time frame. I feel like there is upside with Allen, but I also feel like there is just as much RISK with Allen (injury, someone else has taken his spot, etc).


I agree with this assessment. How long can you wait to make your decision, though? Preseason will be very telling for these guys, since they’re all high-upside, super-high-volatility guys.


I have to make it by the end of the week, I was originally leaning Sammy Watkins but I think you all convinced me to take Allen.


I’m a huge Watkins fan so unfortunately I would go with him & not dwell on it. His upside is insane. The guy can take over games WHEN HEALTHY :sweat_smile:. I respect others opinions on the fact that he may be a bust do to constant foot injuries. You have every right to worry About that. Watkins has personally put me in a bind or 2.


In this case, I hear a lot of people talking about Watkins’ upside but I’d have to go Keenan Allen. The lacerated kidney was a freak accident and I get last year did no good in restoring faith from injury, but the trust Rivers has in Allen, the fact that they will need to throw the ball in games to keep up with the division as a whole, and the talent Allen posses is too good to overlook. If Allen stays healthy, you have a Top-15 WR at the end of the year.

I say Allen over Watkins.