Keenan Allen?

Hey guys just looking for some advice

I am looking to acquire Keenan Allen from the owner but he has been very content on keeping him, which I do not blame him for but I am looking into offering Davante Adams straight up for him based on Adams recent success and the GB injuries to the WR core should I offer Adams or just stay put with him?

Im currently 4-1 and hes 3-2.

Seems like a lateral move. Both guys are the primary targets on their team (Allen has a larger volume but lower TD upside). I think both guys will be top 12 and could be top 8. So, since its a lateral move but Adams has been better so far; I would only do it if you really want Allen or could get a second piece back.

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Appreciate the info, I really like Allen and I have Phillip as my QB so the stack would be nice, and I also play the Allen owner next week and Adams is on bye so I would like to catch him off guard.

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Pretty lateral move to me. ROS, if its a PPR format, I’d still rather have Allen > Adams but it’s not by a huge amount. It could easily go in either direction depending on your own beliefs. I love Allen during fantasy playoff time cause he usually explodes late in the season and carries you to wins single handed. Don’t think Adams has the same type of ceiling but adams probably has a higher floor.

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