Keenan and Leonard for Antonio and Kelce

I’m in a Full Point PPR Dynasty.
Would you send Keenan Allen and Leonard Fournette for Antonio Brown and Travis Kelce. My gut says press yes now, but I am big on the future of Fournette.

Rest of my team RB:
Saquon Barkley
Dalvin Cook
Jerick McKinnon
Marshwan Lynch
Kalen Ballage
Chris Carson

No, absolutely not

No… Brown is getting older and if big Ben leaves… Who knows who will be throwing brown the ball and fournette should be around a long time… And i don’t think TE should be valued very highly even if it is kelce.

So i would hold onto what i got

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no. im not giving up a top 10 back for a TE. and im not giving up a young top 5 WR for the older WR1. you dont gain anything from this but a TE. plus youre not stacked enough at RB to want to do this. barkley, cook, mckinnon, lynch, ballage, carson. every single one of them have a ? next to their name. if you were stacked at RB, and WR, and had nothing at TE, sure. then i would do it. but youre not stacked at RB, at least from a standpoint of known commodities. if barkley, cook, mckinnon all work out then fantastic. im just not gambling on the most important position in FFB by giving up fournette.

No thanks. Hard Pass. In a full PPR format, the delta between Allen and AB actually isn’t that big especially considering age.

When @BusterD, @MikeMeUpp and I all agree, you know you’ve given us a one sided trade.