Keenan/CEH or Ridley/Henderson

14 team league, 0.5ppr, which side you like more? I would receive Ridley/Henderson.

My team:
RBs: CEH, Ty’Son Williams, Elijah Mitchell, Tony Jones, Phillip Lindsay
WRs: Keenan Allen, AB, Robby Anderson, Jakobi Myers, Tim Patrick

Atlanta offense looked brutal vs Chargers, but Henderson carries were encouraging and KC refuses to give CEH goal line work I feel like. I’m happy with holding too but is interesting deal.

I actually like the Keenan/CEH side. I think Ridley is only a slight upgrade from Keenan and CEH will be better ROS, in my opinion.

Agree with the above. I like Keenan/CEH for ROS.

Make that 3 for Keenan/CEH.

In a full PPR, I’d say this is a push, but it being half-point gives Ridley a bit of an edge on Keenan.

I don’t particularly trust CEH, but I view the two RB as nearly a wash, so take the bump in TD-upside with Ridley.

I also agree with Sppresto, as a possibility. I think it is a gut decision. What would you be happiest with. My gut says Keenan/CEH, my opinion.

Appreciate the input. Was a somewhat fair trade in my mind but I’m gonna keep rolling with Keenan and CEH.

Good call - despite my advice, I will admit that I do just LIKE Keenan more, so I don’t know that I’d personally do the deal even if I think it makes sense.

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It’s the consistency for me.

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Having Keenan and constantly hitting “refresh” during one of his ten-catch games is one of the most satisfying things in fantasy.