Keenan for cooks and Royce

My bench depth is very bad. Would you do this trade?

Send Keenan and receive B Cooks and Royce Freeman.

.5 PPR 2 flex

Current Roster

Rb: Dj, ajayi, Buck,Carson, penny

Wr: obj, Adams, Allen, enunwa, Callaway

Te: Graham

I feel like this doesn’t really make you better or worse, whereas Keenan has the potential to make you a lot better if he starts playing like last season. I don’t think I would do this. If Royce didn’t have Lindsay there, then I would definitely have taken it.

Only thing is I don’t have hardly any depth for bye weeks and injuries and hope that freeman starts to get more work soon.

why do you expect freeman to get more work than lindsay? i don’t know much about their situation other than that they split it evenly and lindsay has done slightly better. which doesn’t make me feel like freeman will get more carries, but maybe i have missed a story about it somewhere

Besides the coach saying he needs more playing time it’s just hope. I’m going to see if he’ll send Kerryon instead but not sure if that’s going to do it. The rams offense is booming and may be better to get in that than the chargers

I’m actually in the same spot considering a very similar trade. I’m 1-3 with Kamara and Lynch byes coming at weeks 6 and 7. On the table:

My Tyreek Hill for Kupp and Royce.

My team:
RB - Kamara, Lynch, J. Williams, Montgomery
WR - Allen, Hill, Fitz, Stills, Lockett

Not crazy about it, but I like Kupp and Freeman would improve my RB depth and give bye coverage…

I’m not a fan of that trade either. I think that’s kind of a steal for the other guy.