Keenan, Kamara, Agholor For My evans, mckinnon 1.0ppr (trade deadline tomorrow at noon)

What are your thoughts footclan

My thoughts are why is the trade deadline week 8 of the fantasy season? As far as the trade, no I wouldn’t do that. Evans >> Keenan. Kamara = McKinnon (roughly, but I’d rather have McKinnon). Agholor is low floor, and boom or bust guy. He’s an okay piece to own, but he far from being enough to make up the difference between Evans and Keenan Allen. Bad trade for you.

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lmao its week 8 because last year two guys traded players away for picks the following year, deadline was real late last year like 12ish. So the commish pushed it up.

as for the trade i didnt do it. but he has hit me with a counter of
Reed Kamara Agholor
My evans and lewis/forte

The bones of this trade aren’t even close in my opinion. Reed is a black hole, he is one of the most injury prone guys in all of football. I don’t want him on my team at all. Kamara is fine, but there simply isn’t a value for you here. This guy is trying to add the point totals up of all the players to get them to equal Evans and thinks its a good trade. It doesn’t work like that…haha

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yeah i couldve used the depth a little with the upside of reed… but ultimately i chose not to do it and held strong with the team i have.

Deadlines passed so now its the push to the playoffs with waiver wire moves