Keenen Allen for Chris Carson

I would be trading away Keenen Allen for Chris Carson.

Other WRs on my team: McLaurin, Shenault, Mooney, Waddle and T.Patrick

Other RBs: Kamara, Jamaal Williams, Sermon, Murray, Tony Jones. I lost Mostert to injury.

Standard or PPR? With Washington’s offense being unknown, I think you need to keep Allen, not sure what McLaurin will bring to the table. Allen should draw a little more than just Carson.

Half ppr. Two flex no kicker. He offered to include Antonio Brown if I include Jamaal Williams

I would probably do that, if you get AB. Gives you an RB1 and RB2. WR will still be a little up in the air but if Mike Williams stays healthy, he will take some of Allen’s thunder.

Shoulda done the Allen for Carson deal, before you gave up Williams for Brown and leveled the playing field for him a little.