Keenum or Foles?

I have Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins. If packers were in contention for the playoffs I’d roll out Rodgers no question. But I think the Packs sit Rodgers to save their QB for 2018. Cousins has a back injury and is going up against the Denver DST.

I have the 1st waiver wire spot. Case or Nick for the championship game?

I think Case and Nick share a floor for points. But feels like Case has a higher ceiling in this matchup.

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I have the same issue

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I ended up picking up Foles and Keenum.

They have Agholor and Ertz. I have Thielen.

Should I start Case for the Thielen stack or Nick to offset their Ertz and Agholor?

Based on the news with Rodgers being out I’m skeptical on whether or not Case throws much this week. But also no way Foles is what he was last week. he’s gonna be like 2td 1int this week.

I think it’s a half a dozen one or the other choice. Very similiar, but I think that Keenum is extremely safe right now. Foles does have the better upside in that his weapons are crazy and he has a very good rapport with Ertz. I’m not convinced that Philly can run the ball as well as Minn either. I have a similar problem with Foles and Bortles this week so I feel your pain.