Keenum or Wilson

I might be crazy (most likely)…

but I am actually thinking about playing Case Keenum (Home vs Bengals) over Russell Wilson (Home vs Rams) this Sunday.

Both have their playoff implications Minnesota has been so good at home and could clinich the division i think. Plus the Bengals are hobbled on defense.

Anyhoo I was hoping someone could talk me off the ledge or make me take the leap on Keenum. Curious on anyones advice.

P.S: I would love for you and the boys to chime in on this and to tell me I’m crazy…

I’m all Wilson here. Sets up for a major shootout; just the kind of game he goes off in. Expecting major output from Wilson week 15.

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Don’t think Keenum is a bad play this week. But not as good as Wilson. “Start Your studs”

Have to agree with the majority, Wilson brings too much upside.

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